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There are hundreds of cuisines that have shaped contemporary dishes. However, Middle-Eastern and Latin cuisines have played the largest part. In 2017, the Middle-Eastern cuisine was named one of the popular and the fastest growing cuisines in America. Spices are common with Indian and Middle-Eastern recipes but that is not what makes them popular.

The ingredients in most of these cuisines are available locally; another reason why the cuisines are common. Some of these cuisines include olives, olive oil, honey, sesame seeds, pitas, dates, chickpeas, rice, parsley, sumac, and pasta.
Some of the popular dishes include rice dishes, pasta dishes, yogurt, kebabs, dolma, falafel, baklava, and shawarma.

We offer various tips and tricks, and cuisines from the Southwest, Middle-East and India. Browse our website and check what’s in store for your taste buds.

The complex Southwest foods

The chiles are used for seasoning. The Southwest states (except Nevada) use the signature cooked sauces prepared from dried red or green chile pods known as the New Mexican chile.



Indian Cuisines India has food restrictions with the majority of its population being Hindu. While there are a few meat

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